The history of the Breitling Navitimer started of course much earlier in the 1950's. However during its renaissance in the 1970's a lot of model variance was put into this type. The famous 1806 Navitimer (also known as "Spiegelei" = fried egg or "JUMBO Navitimer") with its extraordinary large case of 48 mm (even a today's Panerai does look like Mikey Mouse) was the front liner model, followed by the 24 hours movement of the Cosmonaute. Still today these two models attract most of the "usuals". But there was more during the cal11 and cal12 time: like the GMT, Yachting or the scarce superocean 2105.

The most important "Breitling-Navitimer" models are on display here. In contrast to e.g. the Heuer Autavia (see under the numbers of types produced are rather clear (despite some prototypes).

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NEW ADD Breitling BULK 03/2009

Breitling Bulk 03/2009

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NEW Arrival Breitling Chronomat White 03/2008

Breitling Chronomat 1808 White Dial

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NEW Arrival Breitling Super Ocean 02/2008

Breitling Navitimer Super Ocean 2105

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Only prodcued in a very limited number: overall ~20 watches known world wide. They all are from the same source: a sort of dead stock: most of them still have purple wax seal on the back. The watch has specials:

- instead of 10 atm it is water proof to 20 atm
- screw crown, very thick for diving purpose
- special seals for the puchers: they are 5,5 mm instead of the 4,0 mm as for all other eggs like the 1806 navitimer
- special modified movement: left hand sub-dial is 6 hours count; right hand 15 minutes
- date window no frame
- sub dials bigger than usual
- model number 2105
- model not shown in breitling pamplets (as so often with the specialties)

NEW Arrival Breitling Auto-Time 615 12/2007

Breitling AUTO TIME 615

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Shown in the classical breitling pamplet on the front page. Only/First AUTO TIME 615 I have seen so far. For me it beats all the existing Heuer dash boards: including the super autavia 24.

NEW Arrival Breitling Chronomat 1808 11/2007

Breitling Chronomat 1808 Black Dial

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Vearly 1808 breitling Chronomat with black dial and caliber 11. The black numbers on the date dial reveil the caliber 11: similar to all the early breitling models from the 1969 series. In addtion its the white hour and minute hand version which is in line with the caliber 11 and the early production year 1969. Later models carry already the orange hands.

NEW Arrival Breitling Navitimer 1810 10/2007

Breitling Navitimer 1810

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Have not seen more than 3 pieces of this scarce intermediate version of the Breitling Navitimer: its a mix of a 1806 classical version and the 7661 yachting. The so called 1810 is produced with serial numbers between 131xxx and 133xxx and does have a 15 minutes counter instead of a 30 minutes counter. Additionally the 12 hours counter is a 6 hours one: similar as with the 7661 model.

Inner circles are same size as the 1806 model: whilst the 7661 model has larger sized inner circles.

NEW Arrival Breitling Auto-Time B/W 07-2007

Breitling AUTO-TIME B/W

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